Here’s an overview of some of the projects I’ve worked on so far. These include a mix of private projects, teaching, and research I’ve conducted as part of my employment at ZHAW. If you’d like to learn more about my work, simply hover over a card for additional details or click on a card to find out even more!

Evaluating Weasel Detections

To determine the success of a weasel conservation project, I analyzed weasel detections and sightings.

Forecasting Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions

Based on numerous years of collecting incidents of wildlife-vehicle collisions, we created three different models to forecast such collisions for areas where no collision data is available.

Spatial R for ArcGIS Users

An introduction to doing spatial analysis in R, targeted for people coming with an ArcGIS background.

Spatial Python for Bachelor Students

In the bachelor course Applied Geoinformatics (ZHAW), I teach geospatial analysis in python.

R for Master Students

In the masters course Research Methods I teach data processing, visualization and analysis of spatial and non-spatial data.

Spatial R for Master Students

In the masters course Computational Movement Analysis I teach processing, visualization and analysis of movement data.

Detecting Microhabitats with LiDAR

Together with a bachelor student, we developed a simple method to detect microhabitats (i.e. wood piles) with countrywide available LiDAR data.

Detecting Weasels with "TubeCam"

I initiated and lead a research project to develop a novel method to detect weasels Mustela erminea and least weasels Mustela nivalis

How open are our cantons?

I use the restAPI from geodienste.ch to determine how open the individual cantons are with their geodata on said portal.

ArcGIS vs QGIS for Education

In this blogpost, I'm making a case for using QGIS (and FOSS in general) when teaching geospatial on a bachelor and master level.

Making a Case for Literate Programming

In this talk I'm making a case for using literate programming tools (e.g. rmarkdown / bookdown) in research and teaching.


Geospatial Analysis in the Cloud

These are the slides to a quick introduction I give to bachelor students to introduce them to the possibilities of doing large scale geospatial analysis in the cloud.